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Management Trainee Program (China only)


Ever since adidas established its wholly owned subsidiary in China in 1997, we have experienced fast business growth in the past decade and now adidas Group is the leading Sports Group in China.

Combining theoretical insights and a hands-on practical approach, our Management Trainee Program (MTP) has been designed to be the cradle that cultivates future talents for challenging, rewarding professional careers within adidas Group.

Management Trainee Program at a glance

If you share our passion for shaping the future of sports and our commitment to fair play and teamwork, we'd be delighted to welcome you to the adidas Group family. We offer the following MTPs:

HR Trainee Program

The mission of the HR department is to build the best and most productive workplace in the industry by fostering a stimulating working environment that elevates team spirit, passion, engagement, and achievement, instilling a performance culture built on strong leadership.

HR roles consists of two elements: business support achieved through focusing on quality of delivered services as well as responding to the demands of the business, and business development through strategic partnering and seeking proactively new opportunities/added profitability.

The HR Trainee Program aims to develop HR young talents with HRM knowledge and professional skills to independently fulfill the HR professional job.

Finance Trainee Program

Finance is essentially the engine that keeps the company running. We oversee all legal issues, ensure we are in compliance with local regulations, and manage all of the payments to our external vendors. We're also the point of contact for all expense reimbursements for staff.

So all of these focus on the existing business. But this is only a part of our role. We also plan for the future growth of our business, making sure we have the proper contracts in place, that we have enough resources to complete various projects, and that our plan is very clear in terms of its impact on the company and our continued growth. We also analyze the results of these plans to make sure they have had the desired effects and that we have used our resources in the most efficient manner.

The Finance Management Trainee Program aims to attract and develop professional finance & accounting talent.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Trainee Program

We fulfill BASIC EXPECTATION, which are cost, availability and quality.

We build FUTURE CAPABILITY, which are speed, agility, connectivity and sustainability.

We ensure ongoing operational excellence while looking for continuous enhancements in whole supply chain.

The SCM department consists of 4 key areas:

Purchasing Order Management, Order Fulfillment, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Office.

The Purchasing Order Management is responsible for forecasting, managing the purchase order, monitoring the production process and labeling management. They ensure a good scheduling and manufacturing before ex-factory.

The Order Fulfillment is responsible for inbound delivery management, import/export tasks and quality control for all types of products according to PRC standards. They monitor all the links from factory to Distribution Center and ensure on-time-in-full order processing and communication.

The Logistics is responsible for all the operation within Distribution Center and satellite warehouses, transportation management and capacity planning. They ensure an effective delivery of products from Distribution Center to customers and consumers.

The Supply Chain Management Office is responsible for managing all SCM projects and initiatives, process enhancement and budget consolidation. They ensure an effective communication within the department and continuous enhancement towards strategic priorities.

The SCM Trainee Program aims to develop individuals for future entry-level management positions within Supply Chain Department. The program focuses on key process knowledge and relevant skills across the entire Supply Chain management.

Retail Trainee Program (the adidas Group)

Our main objective is to ensure strong branding and to drive sales of product in retail locations. The retail department is divided up into four main teams: Retail Marketing & CRM, Visual Merchandising, Assortment Planning, and Retail Operations.

The Retail Marketing team's key work streams include in-store marketing programs for Own-Retail operated stores (OWS) and CRM for Own Retail.

Visual Merchandising's main function is to develop and deliver the best knowledge to adidas Own Retail Stores.

The third team is Assortment Planning. Its main function is to plan and deliver the most efficient and productive assortment plan for OWS, which can also well represent the brand image.

The fourth team, Retail Operations, focuses on developing and managing our own stores, from A to Z, as well as supporting our retail franchisees on their stores operations. This team is really dedicated to the sales part of retail.

All these teams work closely with the regional marketing sales and finance team.

The Retail Operations trainee program aims to attract and develop junior retail operations talent to meet the adidas Group's retail expansion and growth.

Marketing Trainee Program (the adidas Group)

The mission of the marketing department is to drive brand communication initiatives and help strengthen the brand's bond with consumers. With a well defined and segmented distribution approach and a premium-price strategy, the adidas Group clearly positions itself as a top-notch brand in all markets.

Marketing management in the adidas Group is based on two main categories: Sports Performance and Sports Style with its separate product portfolio, and Marketing Communication/Sports Marketing Support. In addition, there's another marketing operations team that conducts integrated planning, budgeting, marketing insights and GTM management, as well as provides category-driven marketing management processes, data management and analysis, and tools and systems.

The Marketing Trainee Program aims to foster future entry-level management employees equipped with marketing knowledge and skills.

Sales Trainee Program

The sales team is the bridge between the adidas Group and customers, the front engine of the company to achieve sales revenue target and to secure profit, market share and retail development.

Our Field Sales Teams develop annual sales plans for designated markets according to geographic, account, and channel strategies, as well as analyze and develop account based sell-in and sell-out plans. This team also prepares for the future order sales program, providing a consistent and reliable point of contact for customers for all sales-related services and a reference point for all other customer service related issues.

Sales Operations and Planning is responsible for sales policies, process and sales projects coordination, sales information system implementation, and improvement and maintenance. This team is in charge of sales planning, budgeting, and forecasting, and is a central repository of sales information database and reporting.

The Business Development Team aims to increase growth opportunities for adidas Neo, Originals, HW, Kids, NBA, and B2B business, managing new distribution channels with a systematic approach.

Our Retail Development Team manages retail expansion and development nationwide and provides necessary support to the local retail development team to reach expansion goals.

The Key Account (KA) Team: Leads strategic planning and the development direction of KAs to achieve all-around key account management nationwide to sustain growth for both the adidas Group and key accounts.

The National Sell-Through Team's goal is to improve the MPSA and brand image of the franchise stores in China by implementing 360-degree retail management with the customers. They provide coaching, tools, and processes in retail merchandising and planning to the customers.

The Inventory Management Team systematically plans and implements proper programs for adidas and Reebok on-hand inventory. The team keeps the company inventory ratio healthy.

Our Retail Marketing Team provides and maintains the retail marketing calendar to develop competitive product marketing in-store communication strategies. They recommend overall in-store program design based on a global/regional format, as well as coordinate launch POP between TV commercials, relevant materials, and sales to leverage maximum exposure.

The E-commerce Team is in charge of the adidas online shop, as well as the Taobao business.

Our Sales management trainee program aims to attract and develop professional Sales talent.


To be considered for an MTP, you must be currently based in China and hold Chinese citizenship. You'll also need excellent presentation and communication skills, strong English skills, and a Master's or Bachelor's degree (graduating within 12 months or graduated less than 12 months ago). In addition, each program has its own requirements:

HR Trainee Program

  • Interpersonal sensitivity
  • Previous CSR involvement is preferred
  • Analytical skills combined with a strong drive for results
  • Previous internship in MNC, overall minimum period of three months

Finance Trainee Program

  • Business acumen
  • Analytical skills combined with a strong drive for results
  • Previous internship in MNC, overall minimum period of three months

Operations Trainee Program

  • Planning and organizing skills
  • Analysis and problem-solving skills
  • Previous internship in MNC, overall minimum period of 3 months

Retail Trainee Program

  • A passion for sports and fashion
  • Planning and organizing skills
  • Analytical skills combined with a strong drive for results
  • Previous internship in retail, overall minimum 3 months

Marketing Trainee Program

  • A passion for sports and fashion
  • A sensitivity to the market
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Analytical skills combined with a strong drive for results
  • Previous internship in MNC, overall minimum of 3 months

Sales Trainee Program

  • The ability to manage relationships and diversity
  • Planning and organizing skills
  • Customer-oriented focus
  • Analytical skills combined with a strong drive for results
  • Previous internship in MNC, overall minimum of 3 months


Please visit our campus recruitment website to learn more and check back in the third quarter of 2013 for more information on how to apply.