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Functional Trainee Program


Sport has one elementary rule: you win if you run the fastest, jump the highest, or score better than your opponent. If you don’t, it’s up to you. Winning in business is a little more complex. And that’s why we need you, your ambition to score and your passion for sports and lifestyle. Are you determined to train even harder to get there? If you love to create the present, as well as shape the future, our Functional Trainee Program (FTP) provides you with numerous opportunities to build the career of your dreams.

  • Product Marketing
  • Global Sales
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Communication
  • Product Creation

The FTP at a glance:

Functional Trainee Program at a glance

Our top priority is to provide comprehensive mentoring and foster trainee development. That's why during the program you will be supported by a mentor, the line manager of your department, and the HR department. Your individual roadmap is the result of a closely collaborative effort. In compiling it, we constantly strive to take your wishes and interests into account and meet your expectations. You will spend one week in one of our adidas stores and we will offer interesting Training & Development courses throughout the duration of the Functional Trainee Program.

The change of department every three months offers you the opportunity to get to know the various departments, work in multinational teams, and develop detailed specialist knowledge, and a wide network. In addition to independent projects, trainees at the adidas Group are also assigned a group project, which allows individuals to demonstrate their teamwork skills. If your performance during the program is exceptional, we will be delighted to help you secure a challenging entry-level position.


Show us what you're made of!

We are looking for energetic self-starters, integrators and team players who want to succeed in a dynamic and volatile work environment. Every day, we at adidas work to improve everything and we love to create. Are you ready to try something new and shape the future of sports?

Your Profile:

  • University degree (Bachelor/Master)
  • International mindset/experience
  • Relevant practical experience in your chosen area(e.g. internships/work experience 0-18 months)
  • Fluent English language skills (written/verbally)
  • Complex thinking ability
  • Excellent communication skills & strong customer focus
  • Energetic team player & creator

Further specific requirements for the different functional areas can be found directly in the respective job advertisement.


To get started, you'll need to complete the following:

  1. Online application
  2. Video interview
  3. Telephone interview
  4. Assessment center

Impress us with your creative application in English and show us why you are the perfect fit for the adidas Group. In your application please include:

  • Cover letter
  • CV

Then simply click here and use the search feature to find a position that fits you. We look forward to receiving your application and wish you the best of luck.


In which functional areas is the FTP offered?

We offer the FTP in the following functional areas:

  • Product Marketing
  • Global Sales
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Product Creation

Where does the FTP take place?

The home base for the FTP is the company headquarters of adidas AG in Herzogenaurach.

How long does the FTP last?

The FTP lasts 18 months. During this time, you will change departments every three to four months within the selected functional area. By the end of the program, you will have passed through five or six departments.

What are the requirements?

With our applicants, we always look at the whole package; as well as a good degree, candidates should have relevant practical experience in the form of internships and international experience (studies and/or work experience). Involvement in extracurricular activities and analytical skills are also required, together with a good knowledge of English and intercultural competence. In addition, a passion for sport is an important requirement at adidas AG.

How important is my grade average?

Grades alone are not the decisive criterion in taking on university graduates. The overall profile is important to us, so we'd love to learn what did you do apart from your studies (e.g., work placements, part-time jobs, social engagement, membership in associations, etc.).

How is the FTP paid?

Pay for the FTP is at the standard market rate.

How much holiday will I have?

Your holiday entitlement is 28 days per year.

Will I have a mentor?

Each of our trainees has a mentor during their time in the FTP.

Is it possible to go abroad during the program?

A period of three to four months abroad at one of our companies outside Germany is part of the program.

Do I have a fixed-term or a permanent contract?

The contract for the FTP is for a fixed term of 18 months.

Is there a guarantee of a job at the end?

We do not give a guarantee of a job. However, it is our aim to take on all trainees at the end, providing they have performed well during the Functional Trainee Program.

Is it necessary to have done an internship at the adidas Group to apply for the FTP?

No, but it is not a disadvantage if you are already familiar with the company.

Are there opportunities for further training during the Functional Trainee Program?

During the FTP, trainees have the opportunity to show what they can do in the Action Learning Project (ALP). Sponsored by the business, the ALP is a multidisciplinary project for trainees from all functional areas. Over the three to six months of the project, trainees are supported by various training courses including project management, presentation, etc. In addition, we offer a wide range of training programs in which trainees can participate.

Your application

How and where can I apply?

Positions on the FTP are advertised on the career pages of the adidas Group website according to availability. We only accept applications made online via the portal.

Why can't I find the FTP I want to apply for?

All FTPs will be advertised via our career portal. If you can't find the one you are looking for, then we are currently not recruiting for that particular FTP.

When is the recruitment process for each functional area?

We recruit annually for each functional area. The recruitment calendar is published at the beginning of the year on the career pages at

What should my application include?

Your application consists of a Cover Letter / Personal Statement, your CV and references. It should be unique and can be in any creative, digital format that can be submitted via our online portal.

How will I know whether I have successfully submitted my application?

You will automatically receive an acknowledgement of receipt confirming that you have submitted your application successfully.

The application process

How does the application process for the FTP work?

The application process for the FTP consists of the following stages:

  1. Online application
  2. Video interview
  3. Telephone interview
  4. Assessment center

What is the format of a standard video and telephone interview for the FTP at the adidas Group?

We use the interviews as an opportunity to get to know you better and to learn more about you and your motivation for applying.

Approximately how long do the interviews last?

Both interviews last about 30 minutes.

How many people take part in the telephone interview?

The telephone interview is between you and the relevant member of staff from the Human Resources Department.

Is the telephone conversation recorded?

No recording is made of the conversation.

In what languages are the interviews conducted?

The interviews are conducted in English

When will I receive a reply about the interview?

You will hear from us as soon as we have interviewed all potential candidates for this position.

If I am not successful, will I receive feedback?

You will receive a reply from us whatever the outcome. Please understand that we are unable to provide individual feedback.

How long does the Assessment Center last and where does it take place?

The Assessment Center visit lasts 1 day and is held at the company headquarters of the adidas Group in Herzogenaurach.

Approximately how many trainees are taken on each year?

The number of positions is dependent on the quality of the applicants.

Are the expenses of travelling to the interview reimbursed?

The expenses incurred are met by the adidas Group.

What is the dress code?

We do not specify any particular dress code. It is important to us that you feel comfortable!

What can I expect at the Assessment center?

You will participate in performing individual tasks, group tasks, role-playing exercises and interviews.

How should I prepare?

Before the recruitment day, you should familiarize yourself with the adidas Group and be able to convince us that you are the right candidate for the Functional Trainee Program at the adidas Group.

How can I contact you if I have any questions that are not answered here?

Via e-mail at: