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mission and values

Our mission at Reebok-CCM is to make the best performing hockey equipment in the world so our customers can enjoy the game at their highest level.

To make sure we achieve our goal of being the very best, we focus on 6 values: winning attitude, team spirit, passion, integrity, performance and innovation.

Our winning attitude shows in everything we do. We are focused on what lies ahead and putting ourselves in a position to win. We are constantly looking for better ways to get the job done and to implement new and creative ideas for our success.

Our team spirit is evident in all areas of our company. We always look for creative ways to support our team, to listen to others, and most of all, to encourage our teammates so that we can all be at our best.

We are nothing if not passionate. Passion is at the heart of our company and the center of our sport. Every employee at Reebok-CCM has the desire to do great things because we love what we do.

We are open, honest and fair people. We do what we say and say what we mean. We are the kind of people who can be trusted to deliver and hold the integrity of what our brands stand for to the highest level.

Performance drives us. The only equal to seeing our products and athletes perform on the ice is the pride we take in the company's performance. We are each focused on what we have to do to help our brands perform at the highest level.

Great teams, athletes and individuals stay ahead by constantly seeking out imperfections and innovating. Our determination to create the next revolution will make the real difference. By imagining the future, we will own it.